How to permanently delete data?

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Even after you empty the Recycle Bin, your most recently deleted files can be recovered with some purpose.

Spotmau PowerSuite 2009 can delete files and folders permanently from your hard disk, so that your sensitive data cannot be recovered any more, even with the use of special software.

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How to permanently delete data?

When to use

  • You want to permanently delete some sensitive data;
  • Please DO NOT use it unless you want to completely delete your data for safety.

Launch Spotmau PowerSuite 2009, choose "Privacy & Security".
How to permanently delete data - lanuch Spotmau PowerSuite 2009
Click File Shredder to start, then you can see a window as the following picture:
Click File Shredder to delete data permanently

Click "Add Folder" or "Add File" to select files what you want to shred. Then it will show you a list of your selection in the main window.
Notice: Please make sure that all the items on the list need to be shredded. You can click "Remove" Selection to remove an item from the list.

Click "Shred" to delete them permanently. Before the program is executed, a dialog will pop up for confirmation. Please think through, when click "Yes", you will never recover your deleted files!
Confirmation before you permanently delete files

Why the deleted files can be recovered?
In order to protect your data or other reasons, Operating System only marks the files with a marker to indicate the deletion when you delete a file; and later when you need to display the files, the system would filter the marked files. That means you do not really delete the file until the space with the delete mark is used by other information. Some soft wares can recover the files that were only marked deleted but not really cleaned up in time. So it is necessary for you to use this software to completely delete the important data that you don't need any more.

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